Craft Beer

Our selection of craft brews offers something for every taste.

We aim to please your taste-buds with regional, seasonal, and international beer choices.  If don’t see your favorite offered, be sure to drop a note or post on our social media.

Draft Beer


$6.25 Sisters of the Moon, Mother Earth (6.9%, NC)

$5.75 Two Hearted, Bell’s (7%, MI)

Ales, Lager

$5.00 American Lager, Narragansett (5%, RI)

$5.00 Sky Blue, Carolina Brewery (5.1%, NC)

$6.00 Best Brown, Bell’s (5.8%, MI)

$7.00 Santa Sleigher, Lost Colony (10.9%, NC)

$6.00 Hatteras Red, Lost Colony (4.9%, NC)

$6.00 Buxton Brown, Lost Colony (5.0%, NC)

$6.00 Kitty Hawk Blonde, Lost Colony (4.4%, NC)

$5.50 Buckshot, Natty Greene’s (4.9%, NC)

$5.00 Blue Moon (5.4%, CO)

Witbiers, Saison, Pilsner, Hefeweizen

$6.75 Stella Artois (5%)

$6.50 Golden Monkey, Victory (9.5%, PA)

Stouts, Porters, Cider

$7.00 Old Rasputin, North Coast (9%, CA)

Packaged Beer


Beck’s Non-Alcoholic

Bud, Bud Light (16 oz)

Coors Lite (16 oz.)

Flat Tire

Mich Ultra

Miller, Miller Lite (16 oz)

Modelo Especial

PBR (16 oz.)


Red Stripe


Amstel Light

Beck’s Non-Alcoholic




Guiness (16.oz)

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